Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Does your child make a huge fuss when you try to take them to the dentist? Well, that's quite understandable as children tend to get scared of all the equipment at the dentist's clinic. However, you need not be scared, as Dr. Varone is an expert at handling young patients. He has his unique way around children, which makes it easier for us to treat your child in the most effective way possible.

Nitrous oxide sedation

No matter how friendly or inviting a dentist is, some children do not respond well to the dentist's efforts. They end up making a lot of fuss, which makes it difficult for the parents to hold them steady during the treatment phase. Also, we wouldn't be able to diagnose them most effectively. Hence, we recommend the use of nitrous oxide sedation in such situations.

Nitrous oxide, or more popularly known as laughing gas, is one of the mildest and most preferred means of sedation in patients, especially children. It is a harmless gas that, upon inhalation, produces a soothing feeling in the patient's mind. Regular things seem to appear funny while the patient goes into a relaxed state of mind. However, the patient would be conscious and aware of what is going on around them.

Is nitrous oxide safe for your child?

Absolutely! Nitrous oxide has proven to be totally safe for the human body. It temporarily affects human consciousness and helps them enter a relaxed state of body and mind. The effect of the sedative would gradually wear off in a few minutes. It has no ill-effects whatsoever.

How is nitrous oxide administered?

Unlike most sedatives that are administered through an intravenous injection, nitrous oxide is a gas that has to be inhaled. The dentist would place a comfortably fitting mask on the child's face through which a controlled amount of gas will be supplied. The patient will have to inhale it normally for a few seconds, and the drug would start to take effect soon after.

Nitrous oxide can be used to calm the nerves of adult patients as well. Some patients feel too anxious to visit a dentist for any treatment, possibly due to the misconception that the procedures would cause pain and discomfort. However, this is untrue. If you still feel tense about sitting in the dental chair and holding still, mild sedatives can be administered in the form of nitrous oxide to keep you calm and composed.

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