General Dentistry

General Dentistry

A general dentist caters to almost all types of common health issues. Similarly, a general dentist offers treatment for almost all types of dental conditions. Dr. Varone is one of the best general dentists in Warwick, RI. He has treated numerous patients over a long-spanning career and makes sure every single one of his patients leaves with a happy and beautiful smile.

Treatment procedures offered

Tooth-colored fillings: Treating cavities at an early stage is quite essential to prevent them from taking a toll on one’s oral health. We would clean the teeth, get rid of the decay, scrub the cavity clean, and apply suitable filling material to restore the tooth.

Teeth whitening: Stained teeth often lead to embarrassment as they leave a shabby appearance on a person’s smile. Teeth whitening can be done to get rid of the stains from the teeth surfaces to give you a sparkling white smile. We use a whitening gel containing hydrogen peroxide as it releases oxygen molecules when activated, which remove the coloring particles from the porous tooth structure.

Crowns: Crowns are used to treat teeth that are weak, worn out, or cracked and on the verge of failure. A crown is a tooth-like dental restorative that is hollow on the inside and fits perfectly on a tooth. Since it is made from tooth-colored ceramic, it restores one’s oral aesthetics.

Veneers: Veneers are ceramic restorations as well. They are thin pieces of porcelain that resemble the frontal surface of the teeth. They are bonded to the teeth using dental adhesives and are used to restore ones that are badly discolored, cracked, excessively spaced, chipped, etc.

Bridges: Dental bridges are simple tooth replacement solutions. They consist of a prosthetic tooth and dental crowns on either side to hold them in place. Since they are made from tooth-colored ceramic, they can be customized perfectly to match the appearance of natural teeth.

Root canal therapy: Root canal infection occurs when the pulp of a tooth gets infected by the microbes in the mouth. This can happen due to a cavity, damaged tooth, or any other oral infection. We would get rid of the infected pulp and apply a restoration on the tooth to keep it from being failed.

Implants: Dental implants are the strongest and most long-lasting tooth restorations. They are fixed to the jawbone using a metal stud, and a ceramic tooth-like crown would be placed on it. They perfectly restore both oral aesthetics and functionality.

Along with the above-stated oral conditions, Dr. Varone treats several other issues such as TMJ disorder, malocclusion, sleep apnea, gum diseases, emergency concerns, etc.

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