CEREC is high-tech dental equipment that enables our patients to go from diagnosis to walking out of our clinic with their new crown in place on the same day. CEREC creates your CEREC crown in a single visit using CAD/CAM or "Computer-Aided Design" and "Computer-Aided Manufacturing" technology. 

Benefits of CEREC Crown

  • Digital Dental Impressions 

Many individuals cannot handle pink impression putty due to their gag reflex. Fortunately, our dentists take photographs of your teeth and gums using a little hand-held gadget.

  • Highly Precise 

Once our dentists obtain impressions of your teeth, we'll use CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and manufacturing) software to create your dental crown right in front of your eyes. Once we are pleased with the appearance and fit of your CEREC crown, we will send it to the milling machine for milling.

  • No Temporary Crown

In certain dental facilities, you may be required to wear a temporary crown while waiting weeks for your permanent restoration to be completed. Because a temporary crown must be removed eventually, the dentist may only apply mild glue to hold it in place.

  • Secure and Durable Material

Our same-day CEREC crowns are composed of materials that are identical to your tooth's enamel, making them a safe and effective tooth repair option.

Process of CEREC Crown

The procedure is significantly more practical and straightforward.
At first, a digital picture or imprint of your tooth is taken using an intraoral camera. The CEREC software builds a virtual model of the patient's tooth based on the picture. Our dentist will construct the tooth restoration on the screen and wirelessly transmit it to an in-office milling machine.
Using the CEREC technology, a high-grade ceramic plaque-resistant material is machined or created to finish your new crown. You may even observe if you want!
Immediately after the dentist completes the restoration, he will install the crown on your tooth. There is little to no biting adjustment required. For best form and function, your CEREC Crown is precisely sized, contoured, and tinted to complement your unique smile.
The full CEREC Crown procedure takes place in one visit!

CEREC crowns may be a suitable alternative for you if you want a durable, natural-looking crown but don't want to wait a couple of weeks. Consult a dentist about your alternatives and determine if this procedure is appropriate for you and your budget.

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